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warranty & exchange


  • reclamation of purchased goods

Rules of reclamation

  • according to the Civil Law of Slovakia the warranty period for each product bought online is two years
  • warranty period starts to be active on the day of the purchase
  • if the subject of the reclamation (product defect) is repairable, it will be amended in the period of up to 30 working days from the recieving of the reclamation
  • if the subject of the reclamation (product defect) in non-repairable, the customer has the right to get a discounted price or get a money return
  • reclamations are not defects caused by inproper handling, care or usage of the product

In case of reclamation do the follwoing

  1. contact Emporium Brands and download the exchange&reclamation PDF file 
  2. print the reclamations PDF, fill in your details and the reason for your reclamation
  3. send the filled exchange&reclamation PDF together with the faulty product to the listed adress
  4. Wait for team to reply to you. You will get an email within 24 hours from the reciept of the reclamation. Once accepted your reclamation will be processed within 30 working days from the day of its acceptance.

  •  exchanging an incorrect item

If you purchase an item that is incorrect in size, you can only exchange it for the same item in different size or color within 7 days from its receipt. The original item has to be in its original intact package. We will reply to your request within 24 hours of the receipt electronically and if available will exchange it within 10 working days of its receipt (subject of country of delivery)

In cases of item exchange follow these rules

  1. contact Emorium Brands and download a exchange & reclamation PDF note 
  2. print the R&E  PDF, fill in your details and the reason for the exchange
  3. send the filled  PDF note together with the product to the listed address

Wait for team to reply to you. You will get an email within 24 hours from the receipt of the exchange request. Once accepted your exchange will be processed within 10 days from its receipt.

  •  damage liability

Buyer should inspect the product right after receiving it. In case there is damage on the product, the buyer should note and communicate this to the seller, who is responsible for replacing the damaged product. Late reclamations of materially damaged stock are not acceptable. Before using the product the buyer should carefully read the warranty and care instructions. In the case of product misuse we are not responsible for damages caused to it. Warranty period starts with the receiving of the product. If the buyer is not satisfied with the purchased product he has the right to return it without a reason within 15 days and the price of the purchased product will be credited back to him. This applies only if the returned product is in no way damaged and is still in its original packaging. Costs associated with the return are paid by the buyer.

  • Emporium Brands is not responsible for:
  • late deliveries caused by post or courier service
  • late deliveries as a result of incomplete or wrong address entered by buyer upon purchase
  • any damage of the product caused by post or courier
  • for uncompleted delivery resulting from unpredictable circumstances, which cannot be affected by the seller (i.e. snowstorm)

In case you have further questions do not hesitate to contact via the contact us section.



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