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I have a favorite summer dress. It is ideal for hot summer afternoons in the city or during vacations. I especially love its flounces and built in bra support, which means no bra for the hot days ladies! I have accessorized it with...
Author: Fashion Magazine | 02/08/2011

Pure White

White is something like black. It is a neutral color, which you can easily combine with anything. White even looks good as your only outfit color. Trust me your wedding does not have to be the only reason to wear an all white ensemble. This...
Author: Fashion Magazine | 02/08/2011

Terry Richardson

I would like to dedicate this contribution to another one of my latest photographer fascinations. It has been none other that the sexist and perverse Terry Richardson. This dude has become famous by photographing celebrities, models, actresses,...
Author: Fashion Magazine | 02/08/2011

The Lanvin lady

Going through the latest issues of my favorite fashion magazines, I often came across a very beautiful campaign picture from Lanvin’s fall/winter collection. The campaign is featuring two models, Raquel Zimmermann and Karen Elson....
Author: Fashion Magazine | 30/07/2011

Bicycle Ride

Did you know that riding a bike has become fashionable nowadays? You don’t even have to have that stylish retro bike. Just get that old family bike out of your cellar and go for a fashion ride! Bicycles are trendy and good thing...
Author: Fashion Magazine | 29/07/2011

Ellen Von Unwerth

I feel like dedicating my blog contribution to one of my favorite fashion photographers; Ellen Von Unwerth. I think she has got an incredible talent to portrait people in sexy but not vulgar poses. Once a model, she has been able to work...
Author: Fashion Magazine | 29/07/2011

B&W Fashion

I have been recently quite fascinated by Black and White photography. Using these two basic colors gives objects a sense of drama as well as glamour. I have attached some of my favorites. What do you think about the Vintage photo by Edward...
Author: Fashion Magazine | 25/07/2011

Color Blocking

Color Blocking is one of my favorite trends of this season! The trend is about combination of solid colored clothing pieces into blocks or outfits. With color blocking you can totally let loose and create interesting outfits for everyday. You...
Author: Fashion Magazine | 25/07/2011

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