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Emporium Brands blogs & magazine offers everybody the possibility to create a unique personal blog . Your articles will be published in the  blogs sections. The best rated articles will be also selected for our weekly Emporium Brands Fashion Magazine and recommended on our social network pages.





Blogger's manual

1. Register on or via your existing facebook profile. Once you register you will be directed to My Account, where you will find basic overview of your account.
3. To create your personal profile go to My profile. In this section you can also create the name of your blog, insert your personal social network links, load a profile picture (should be at least 330x440 pixels) and insert a short text about yourself. After you are done click on Continue and you will be redirected back to My Account.
4. Adding articles
• In My Blog you will find a section called My Articles where you can add, edit and delete your own articles. List of your articles also features language icons indicating languages in which your blog has been published.
• Clicking on Add Article you will add your article in English (always select the option). If you want to add your article in another language click on the language option and confirm your selection. You insert your article separately for each language published.
5.Creating your articles:
• Create the title of your article (should be max 30 characters long)
• Text area: place where you write, insert and edit your text
• You can insert pictures directly into your text by clicking on the picture icon. Once you select the icon option a window called Image Properties will pop out.
Image Info: here you can insert your pictures via the URL icon window by selecting the Browse Server option. Once you are done uploading, the picture will display in its original saved size. Here you can also edit the size of the original image.
6. Editing your images
• You can edit your image by changing its Width and Height. Advice, to prevent the deformation of your picture select the lock option. You can always go back to the original size of the image by selecting the round arrow. With Align you can arrange your picture with the actual text.
7. Adding links
• You can link your picture with another website simply by inserting the desired URL path and clicking OK.
• Once inserted in the text you can edit your picture by right clicking on the mouse and selecting Image Properties.
8. Refer the categorie
• You need to select the categories of your article. If you would like to have a new category created do not hestitate to contact us.
9. Adding main image
• Inserting the main image: click on the camera icon, upload picture from your computer and double click to confirm your selection. We recommend inserting rectangular shaped pictures. Your selection of the main image will be automatically saved for all selected languages.
10 Adding image to gallery
• Select Upload Gallery and load selected pictures for your article. Once you are done, close the window and the gallery will automatically save for all your language selections.
11. Adding YouTube video
• You can add a youtube video simply by inserting the URL of the desired video and clicking on Add.
12. Status of Article
• Here you select whether you want to publish your article.
• Selecting SAVE your article will be saved.
• Selecting CANCEL your article will be deleted.

  • rating

Your blogs are also being rated by other readers who can award you with 1 to 6 stars. Emporium Brands is a worldwide based concept therefore your articles are being read and rated by people all around the world. If you become one of our active blogers and will publish often, you will be able to get special discounts in our online shop as well as occasional free stuff. So writing for Emporium Brands really counts!

  • registration claims the right to stop user accounts if user is suspected to be using proxy IP's (Internet Protocol addresses) or in any way corrupts website services. If you misuse multiple logins or use any malicious language the administrator maintains the right to suspend your user account.

  • ethical codex

As the user of the Emporium Brands website you are prohibited from using inappropriate vulgar language, distribute photos with malicious content or harm other users of the website in any way. If you fail to comply with the above your user account will be blocked and you will be prohibited from using the services of the website.

  • submission of material

By submitting any material to us and publishing it on our website, the material becomes automatically a rightful property of Emporium Brands. Therefore claims the right to reproduce and publish this material worldwide without any limits. Failure to comply with our general T&C’s will result in your exclusion from the website services.

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